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    The fast-paced life in Mumbai and Pune can cause you a lot of stress. By the time the evening draws in, you long for a place where you can relax. We call this place - Home. Your home welcomes you to the embrace of your loved ones. It’s your little haven in the hustle-bustle of the city. The 1 BHK apartments by the Puranik Builders are designed to let you have this experience every day. Over the years, Puranik Builders have always offered comfort coupled with luxury. With this project too, you are sure to experience comfort and warmth of a home.

    The beautiful apartments are carefully designed and detailed keeping your needs in mind. Every amenity, every furnishing and every open space allows you to make the most of your 1 BHK flat. You can tweak your home décor and styling to optimize every bit of the space. The ample storage area and the elegant layout make this a one of a kind 1 BHK apartments. We bet you can almost immediately connect with the homes at a visual and emotional level.

    Each of the Puraniks’ 1 BHK flats in Mumbai and Pune are designed to ensure maximum comfort while providing the highest levels of construction quality and finesse. These homes are completed with some of the modern amenities like - crystal marble flooring, designer baths, meditation space , senior citizens’ gardens, etc. ,to name a few . Feel free to take a look at any of our 1 BHK apartments to know what we are talking about. The 1 BHK flats are like oases in the middle of the concrete jungles of Mumbai and Pune. You can find a striking reflection beauty, serenity and contemporary trends in all of our projects.

    When it comes to modern living and high standards, the Puranik Builders are the one to trust.