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Home loan eligibility calculator

Buying your own home is quite an achievement and a dream, isn’t it? But this dream is often laced with a lot of uncertainty – people fear applying for expensive loans, getting caught in a loan repayment cycle for years, and not being able to manage their finances properly while the loan is being repaid.

The prices of houses are also a big determinant to the home buying process. Keeping all these factors in mind, it is important to partner with the best real estate developers, who don’t merely build homes with integrity and transparency, but also eases the process of getting your finances sorted for purchasing the house.

One such real estate developer is Puranik Builders. They provide you all the help you need - right from selecting the home of your dreams to getting the housing finance in place. Home loans from reputed lending institutions are easily available, since all permissions are already in place and due legal processes are followed at every stage of construction. Thus, each of the Puranik Builders’ project is pre-approved for housing finance – all you have to do is apply for the home loan and supply the necessary paperwork as and when required.

Before you proceed with the loan application, do take care to check your housing loan eligibility. Your eligibility will let you know how much loan amount you can get for the house you wish to buy. Using a housing loan eligibility calculator, you can find out the expected loan amount against a certain rate of interest and the desired tenure (in months).

Knowing your housing loan eligibility helps you assess your finances so that you can get a fair idea of how much money you need to raise from your private resources. The home loan eligibility calculator gives you a fair idea of what to expect from the loan process.

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